Faculty, their students and professional and technical staff are reminded that they must keep abreast with Hong Kong laws involving animals, in particular, Cap 340 and Cap 169.

The Department of Health licence provides permission for researchers to conduct experiments on live animals and this permission extends only as far as the conditions of the researcher’s licence are obeyed. A breach of licence conditions leaves a researcher potentially liable for prosecution under Cap 169. Please ensure you precisely follow the conditions of your Dept. of Health licence.

All individuals that are directly involved in experimenting on animals must have a Dept. of Health licence. This means all Faculty, students, professional staff and technical staff if they are active participants in an experiment must each hold a Dept. of Health licence. Blanket licences are only permissible for teaching classes which use animals.

Cap 340 also obligates a licence holder to complete an annual return on Form 7 by the end of the calendar year (i.e. December 31st). APCF will help all researchers complete their Form 7s by providing accurate statistics of all animals used for all of their licenced experiments.

A detailed description of Hong Kong laws involving animals is available on the Policies and Procedures page of the InfoSite.