APCF has developed two new logos – one for electronic correspondence and one for more traditional paper based correspondence.

The electronic logo features the HKUST’s Red Bird Sundial Sculpture cradling a stylized mouse in a gesture of care while supporting the growth of a stylized Arabidopsis plant. The words Animal & Plant Care Facility along with the Chinese characters are also featured in the logo.


The logo for the more traditional based correspondence is designed to fit into the structure of an A4 letterhead or footer.

The counters (gaps or spaces within a letter) of the A for Animal are represented by a stylized mouse, the counter of the P for plant is represented by a stylized Arabidopsis plant, the counter of the C for Care is represented by the shape of a heart and the counter of the F for Facility is represented by the stylized features the HKUST’s Red Bird Sundial Sculpture

Our correspondence will  appear as follows:

Email signature:

Memorandum header: