Dear Faculty as we prepare for AAALAC accreditation I am trying to introduce protocols that must be implemented as a part of our Programme, as soon as practical and assuming they fit in with our current practices.

One such protocol that fits in nicely with our current practices and which must be introduced when we develop our AAALAC Programme, is the ability of all individuals to raise animal welfare or safety  concerns either directly of anonymously.

See URL:

To assist the anonymous raising of concerns APCF has three boxes located in 7H, 7J and Life Sciences where anyone can place a note raising their concerns about animal welfare or safety.

Attached are the photos of the above mentioned boxes to assist users with identifying where they are located and what they look like.

Please make sure your students know about these boxes too

What the box looks like:

Location in LIFS Foyer:

Location in 7H Entrance Lobby

Location in 7J Entrance Lobby