Between the 2nd and 4th of August 3 staff from APCF and 1 staff from HSEO went to southern Taiwan to attend a conference organised by the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology and AAALAC on how an IACUC should function in an AAALAC accredited facility. It was most comprehensive and covered topics such as:

  • Supporting Effective Regulation & Ethical Review of Animal Research
  • Animal Use Protocol Review
  • Program Review & Facility Inspection
  • Veterinarian Role in IACUC
  • OHS Program – What the IACUC should know
  • Role and Function of the IACUC
  • Avoiding IACUC Pitfalls
  • Program Review – Myth and fact
  • AAALAC Expectations for an Animal Care & Use Program
  • AAALAC Program Writing Tips

The speakers were an excellent mix of international and local colleagues and all were experienced with AAALAC international accredited programmes.

The HKUST staff came away with a better understanding of what is required for us to achieve AAALAC accreditation and we took away four things of note:

  • the essential role an effective and active non-affiliated member of IACUC plays in a successful programme
  • the IACUC must meet regularly in face-to-face meetings
  • AAALAC has 15 areas of concern that must be addressed in an IACUC protocol submission
  • the IACUC has an active role in ensuring worker safety and not just humane care and use of animals

HKUST staff with Mr Wong CEO of the Contract Research Organisation called Dr Pig. Mr Wong was also a sponsor of the seminar

The attendance certificates of the APCF staff – we were proud to have participated in a well organised Conference

HKUST staff and Director of the NPUST animal facilities outside the AAALAC accredited reptile facility of NPUST