APCF staff attended the One health – Connect and Proact Conference on the 5th and 6th September.

Taken from the AFCD website this short introduction tells us what One Health means:

The concept of One Health is a paradigm shift. Contrary to the traditional regimen of handling the health of humans, animals and the environment separately, it considers the health of the three domains as an integrated whole. The health of the three domains are inter-connected, not just animal health or human health or environmental health, but One Health.

The One Health concept has a long history of origin but has only been recognised globally by international organisations in the early 2000s, and its recognition and significance has not ceased to surge due to the increase in antimicrobial resistance, climate change and emerging of life threatening zoonoses in recent years. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) estimated that today at least 75% of emerging infectious diseases of humans have an animal origin and three out of five new human diseases appear every year are of animal origin. With no doubt, the health of humans and animals are bound to and influencing each other closely. Remedial or preventive measures and policies carried out by either the medical or veterinary sector solely will not be able to effectively or thoroughly address the issues that we are facing.

Now all over the world, veterinarians, medical doctors and professionals from other disciplines are adapting the One Health concept and are working together to achieve a better health for all.

The objectives of the conference are to promote the concept of One Health to the public and to provide a platform for professional exchange among scholars on One Health research from all over the world. The conference is expected to gather participants including local and overseas government representatives, veterinary, medical and scientific counterparts from various institutions, professional bodies and academic fields as well as other interested individuals from Hong Kong and elsewhere.  The conference presentations will be in English with some presentations in Putonghua. Simultaneous translation between the two languages will be provided.

About 18 world-renowned speakers are invited to share their expertise and experience on various topics related to One Health and the conference will be a very meaningful and beneficial event to all participants.