Standard Operating Procedures – Protocols

A-001 Sampling from Laboratory Animals for Infectious Agent Detection 7Dec2017

C-001 Handling of Imported Mice During the Quarantine Period 19May2017

C-002 Special Observation Notifications 20Feb2018

C-003 Handling of Animals in IVC in Biosafety Cabinet and Animal Transfer Station 6Oct2017

C-004 Recieve of Imported Mice 20June2017

C-005 IVC cage changing 6Oct2017

C-006 Open Cage Changing with Soiled Bedding Transferring to Sentinel cages 7Dec2017

C-007 C57BL6J Maintenance and Production 24Oct2017

C-009 Transferring Mice from 7H Facility to 7J Facility 3Nov2017

C-010 Rodent Euthanasia By Carbon Dioxide Gas in 7J facility 15Nov2017

C-011 Rodent Euthanasia By Carbon Dioxide Gas in 7H facility 15Nov2017

C-012 Mouse Euthanasia in Research Laboratories 6Oct2017

C-013 Breeding and Weaning Policy 20Feb2018

C-014 Mouse Cage Density 20Feb2018

C-015 Xenopus Euthanasia by MS-222 Immersion 2May2018

H-001 Rodent Importation and Quarantine 27Mar2018

H-002 Health Monitoring and Disease Surveillance Programmes on Rodents 20Feb2018

L-002 Determination of Microbial Water Quality 20June2017

O-001 Disinfection of Working Surface in Operating Room 7205 13June2017

O-002 Facility Entry Sequence Restriction 18Dec2018 Updated

O-003 Use of Animal Transfer Station and Biosafety Cabinet 13June2017

O-004 Facility and Room Entry in 7H (Staff) 6Oct2017

O-005 Facility and Room Entry in 7J (Staff) 10Dec2017

O-006 Facility and Room Entry of Room 7220 and 7221 (Staff) 18Dec2018 Updated

O-007 New APCF user training 20Feb2018

O-008 Handling Animal Escape 18Dec2018 Updated

O-010 Autoclaving of Returned Soiled Materials in Room 7220 28Nov2017

O-011 Rodent Cage Sanitation 28Nov2017

O-012 Water Drinking Bottle Processing in 7H facility 23Oct2017

O-013 Water Drinking Bottle Processing in 7J facility 28Nov2017

O-014 Facility and Room Entry in 7H (Users and Visitors) 6Oct17

O-015 Facility and Room Entry in 7J (Users and Visitors) 6Oct2017

O-016 Facility and Room Entry of Room 7220 and 7221 (Users ad Visitors) 18Dec2018 Updated

O-017 Contingency Plan During the Downtime of The Rack Washer 28Nov2017

O-019 Transferring Cage Materials Between 7H and 7J Facilities 3Nov2017

O-023 Preparation of Alcohol Disinfectant 6Oct2017

O-024 Routine Animal Husbandry in Animal Rooms 23Oct2017

O-025 Adverse Event Report and Review (Interim) 20Feb2018

O-026 Respective Responsibility of APCF Staff and Animal Users in APCF Animal Rooms 20Feb2018

O-027 Investigating and Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns 28Mar2018

O-028 Post-Approval Monitoring 28Mar2018

O-029 Reporting and Investigating an Allegation on Breaching APCF Rules 20Jul2018

O-030 Storage of Scientific Equipment in APCF 17April2018

O-031 Cage Space Allocation 18April2018

O-032 Working in APCF During the Night Period of Animal Holding Rooms 19Apr2018

O-033 Coordinating with FMO Team in Facility Maintenance in Barrier Areas 18Apr2018

O-034 Emergency Response Plan during Non-office Hour 30Apr2018

S-001 Handling Laboratory Animal Bites and Scratches 16Oct2017

S-002 Guideline on Animal Research involving Hazardous Chemicals 20Feb2018


The Guidelines & SOPs are numbered for ease of searching and filing and all have a prefix letter:

  • A: Animal procedures
  • C: Animal care
  • H: Health monitoring
  • L: Laboratory procedures
  • O: Operations (including gowning)
  • S: Safety (including occupational health)

Explanation of the prefix letters is as follows:

  • A is the prefix for Guidelines/SOPs that involve experimental use of animal models such as collecting blood, injecting, killing or treating animals,
  • C is the prefix for Guidelines/SOPs that involve handling animals (but not doing experimental procedures on them) whether in IVC or in cages or individually,
  • H is the prefix for Guidelines/SOPs that involve bacterial/viral monitoring of animals, and
  • L is the prefix for Guidelines/SOPs that involve laboratory procedures such as environmental monitoring and do not directly involve animals
  • O is the prefix for any Guidelines/SOPs that involve operational procedures and activities not handling animals,
  • S is the prefix for any Guidelines/SOPs that involve occupational health and safety

The number of Guidelines/SOPs will continue to grow as APCF standardises its activities and also existing Guidelines/SOPs will be updated as circumstances dictate, so please keep your self up-to-date by regularly visiting this page