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Why Is There A Red Card On My Cage?

Behind the Scenes, Animal Caretakers and Technical Staff Contribute to High-Quality Research

Causing a stink: The truth about fragrances and your health

Humane endpoints

ILAR Journal – Past and Current Issues

Mice in pain have facial expressions that are very similar to human facial expressions

Searching for consensus on the most humane ways to kill laboratory animals.

Humane Endpoints website

Government Legislation

Mouse Necropsy – An Important Part of an Animal Health Programme

Responsibility and Laboratory Animal Research Governance

Think about your anaesthetic choices

Antibiotic Treatment – Does it affect your research?

Waste Anesthetic Gas (WAG) Management

Guidelines for Endpoints in Animal Study Proposals

Sample size – you need to do a power calculation!

APCF – Medication Overview by Dr. Mia Chan Pharm D. (NYS. Reg. Pharmacist)

Executive Summary of Cancelled APCF User Information Session

AALAS – FELASA working group on harm-benefit analysis of animal studies

Lectures for HKUST/City U seminar series (13th and 15th of December 2017) on laboratory animal pathology

Why animal ethics committees don’t work or do they? Two sides to the argument

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