Animal Supply

APCF is maintaining commonly used laboratory mouse and rat colonies. We refresh the breeding colonies periodically to minimize the effect of  genetic drift to animal research in HKUST.

Please contact the following APCF staff for the supply of the animals to the respective zone.

7H :

C57BL/6J mice (Dr. Peter M Eguia, email:

7 J :

C57BL/6J  and C57BL/6N mice (Ms. Sophie WY Chan, email:

Sprague Dawley rats (Ms. Crystal KY Chu,  email:

Animals can also be requested from other local facilities via APCF. Please contact Ms. Joyce ( for the animal ordering. The strains commonly used, but currently not maintained by APCF, to be requested include Balb/c mice, ICR outbred mice, BALB/cAnN-nu (Nude) mice and New Zealand White rabbits.