APCF Standard Operating Procedures

APCF has Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which require all users of APCF to follow. Please make yourself familiar with all SOPs relevant to your activities with APCF.

The SOPs are numbered for ease of searching and filing and all have a prefix letter:

A: Animal procedures

C: Animal care

H: Health monitoring

L: Laboratory procedures

O: Operations (including gowning)

Explanation of the prefix letters is as follows:

A is the prefix for SOPs that involve experimental use of animal models such as collecting blood, injecting, killing or treating animals,

C is the prefix for SOPs that involve handling animals (but not doing experimental procedures on them) whether in IVC or in cages or individually,

H is the prefix for SOPs that involve bacterial/viral monitoring of animals, and

L is the prefix for SOPs that involve laboratory procedures such as environmental monitoring and do not directly involve animals

O is the prefix for any SOPs that involve laboratory procedures and activities not handling animals,

The number of SOPs will continue to grow as APCF standardises its activities and also existing SOPs will be updated as circumstances dictate, so please keep your self up-to-date by regularly visiting this page

A-001 Sampling from Laboratory Animals for Infectious Agent Detection 13June2017

C-001 Handling of Imported Mice During the Quarantine Period 19May2017

C-002 Special Observation Notifications 12June 2017

C-003 Handling of Animals in IVC in Biosafety Cabinet and Animal Transfer Station 14June2017

C-004 Recieve of Imported Mice 20June2017

H-001 Rodent Importation and Quarantine 14June2017

L-002 Determination of Microbial Water Quality 20June2017

O-001 Disinfection of Working Surface in Operating Room 7205 13June2017

O-002 Facility Entry Sequence Restriction 14June2017

O-003 Use of Animal Transfer Station and Biosafety Cabinet 13June2017

O-005 Facility and Room Entry in 7J (Staff) 18June2017

O-006 Facility and Room Entry of Room 7220 and 7221 (Staff) 18June2017

O-007 New APCF user training 15June2017

O-009 Handling Laboratory Animal Bites and Scratches 21June2017



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