Committee on Research Practices

The University community has a collective responsibility to ensure that proper research practices are carried out in accordance with both international and University standards and regulations at all times, to be vigilant in guarding against serious lapses, and to report violations if they occur.

Committee on Research Practices

All research conducted at the University whenever involving animals, human participants and safety should be reviewed for research practices. Under the auspices of the Committee on Research Practices (CRP), there are three Committee/Panels to review such practices:

Human Participants Research Panel

Animal Ethics Committee (AEC)

Safety Panel

APCF is part of the University community and to ensure the University maintains its reputation as upright and steadfast member of the Hong Kong and International communities and that all of its research is in accordance with international best practices and according to Hong Kong law, APCF is committed to Investigating and Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns. If any APCF staff, APCF user or other stakeholder of the university or member of the Hong Kong community has animal welfare concerns, they should be reported to the Director APCF in the first instance or to the AEC chairman.