Step 2. LAF Training

Step 1: read the corresponding training materials including:

  • Mouse users: Mouse Handling Training (2021)
  • Rat users: Rat Handling Training (2021)
  • Rabbit users: Rabbit Handling Training (2021)
  • All users:
    • LAF Animal User Manual 2022
    • General Animal User Training

Please sign and return the corresponding LAF and Animal Use Agreement  to LAF ( for the completion of this self-learning Step 1, while requesting the next training Step 2, i.e. facility orientation and hands-on training.

  • LAF and Animal (Mouse) Use Agreement 
  • LAF and Animal (Rat) Use Agreement
  • LAF and Animal (Rabbit) Use Agreement

Links to the List of User Training Materials and LAF and Animal Use Agreements are password protected). Please contact LAF for the password required.

Step 2: Arrange for orientation with the Vet team by emailing our office (  A short quiz will be done at orientation to assess basic knowledge

Step 3: Once you pass the quiz, you may arrange for specific hands-on training according to the type of work listed on your AEC-approved animal protocol (AEP).  Initial hands-on training should take 1- 2 hours.  Further skill training can be arranged as needed based on the team’s availability.

Note: You are expected to conduct all experiments without compromising animal welfare.  Any disrespect to the wellbeing of laboratory animals, the biosecurity and staff of LAF, or poor management of colonies will result in their access revoked.