Animal License

Application for Animal Experiment Licence

Animals (Control of Experiments) Ordinance (Cap. 340)

This link will open in a new window¬†Animals (Control of Experiments) Ordinance (Cap. 340) (the Ordinance) provides for the control of experiments on living vertebrate animals. Under the Ordinance, “animal” means a living vertebrate animal and “experiment” means any experiment performed on an animal and calculated to give pain to the animal. Before performing an animal experiment, a person shall apply for a licence for that particular experiment by submitting an application form ( Form 1 ) and an Annex to the Form which has been added since 1 November 2013 to facilitate the processing of applications to the Director of Health. Please refer to the sections below for more details on the application procedures.

Keeping Records and Rendering Returns

This link will open in a new window Animals (Control of Experiments) Regulations stipulate that every licensee shall keep records of all licensed experiments performed by him/her in the form set out as Form 6 and shall render to the Director of Health on or before the 1st day of January of each year a return in the form set out as Form 7 of all licensed experiments performed by him/her during the preceding twelve months. A nil return is required even if no experiment has been performed during the period.

Licensees are advised to read the explanatory notes before filling in the Form 7. Sample return forms are available for reference. With effect from 1 November 2013, an Annex has been added to Form 7 to facilitate processing of the returns.

(Source: Department of Health, HKSAR)