Application Form: Form 1

Important!: Please read messages from the Department of Health here about the animal license.
Important!: Any experiment performed on an animal and calculated to give pain to the animal, including ear punching for genotyping, must be listed under “Type of experiments”.
Quick link to Form 1 (Application Form)

Sample: AL Sample Forms 1_eng

Form for download: AL_Form_1_eng (updated on 24Aug2018)

(Tip for filling From 1: Keep the “Purpose of experiments” simple. It will be re-used for filling in Form 7 Return of Experiment at the end of each year.)

Please submit the completed form to APCF (Ms. Crystal Chu: which will redirect the form to the Dept. of Health for approval after a brief checkup by APCF.

Upon the approval of the Form 1, the Dept. of Health will issue a Form 2 (the “Animal Licence“)  to applicant. Please applicant send a copy of the Form2 to APCF for recording.