Animal License

Application for License under the Animals (Control of Experiments) Ordinance (Cap. 340)

Guide to Application for Licence under the Animals (Control of Experiments) Ordinance (Cap. 340):

“Before applying for a licence to conduct animal experiments, all applicants are encouraged to read the Animals (Control of Experiments) Ordinance, Cap. 340 (“the Ordinance”), the Animals (Control of Experiments) Regulations, Cap. 340A (“the Regulations”) and this Guide, so as to be familiar with the requirements posed on the licensees as stipulated in the Ordinance and the Regulations.” … read more

Submission of Form 1

Please fill in the Form 1 downloaded from the following link and submit to Department of Health via APCF. Please kindly pass the Form in person to room 5488 (near lift 25/26).

Form 1 (Application Form)

Sample: AL Sample Forms 1_eng

Form for download: AL_Form_1_eng

Form 6 (Report of Experiments)

Form for download: AL_Form_6_eng

Important note:

Guide to Application for Licence under the Animals (Control of Experiments) Ordinance (Cap. 340):

“VI. Legal responsibilities of licensees
A. To keep records
6.1. Pursuant to section 11(1) of the Ordinance and regulation 4 of the Regulations, it is a statutory requirement that every licensee shall keep up-to-date records in the form set out as Form 6 (Record of Experiments) in the Schedule of the Regulations (see sample in Part IX) in which he shall record the particulars of all experiments performed by him.
6.2. Any person who contravenes this provision shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of HK$500 and to imprisonment for 3 months. ” 

Form 7 (Return of Experiments)

Sample: AL Sample Forms 7_eng

Form for download: AL_Form_7_eng


Relevant information and forms are available in Department of Health’s webpage.