Embryological, Reproductive & Transgenic Services

The transgenic Services provide a wide range of services on both research projects and colony management. The services are highly specialized and are more efficient when comparing when centralized.

Roles of Embryological, Reproductive and Transgenic Services in HKUST
  • Research activities (green boxes): Make projection plans flexible by generating tailor-made research models (transgenesis)
  • Colony management (blue boxes): management of retired research models to free animal holding space (cryopreservation); clearing up of infectious diseases from an outbreak (re-derivation); importation of research models (cryo-revival and/or IVF), continuing strains with reproduction deficiencies (IVF).

List of Services
  • Dr. Joanne CN Tam (email: tcnjoanne@ust.hk; tel: 2358 8609)
  • Dr. Siva WH Tsang (email: tsangwh@ust.hk; tel: 3469 2418)