Pronuclear (DNA or CRISPR/Cas9 components) Microinjection

Transgenic mice generated by pronuclear DNA microinjection. EGFPcre expression driven by a transcriptional enhancer element to reveal gene expression pattern and to establish tissue specific knockout of genes by cre/loxP systems (Siva Tsang)

Services include:
  • Preparation of pseudopregnant surrogates
  • Superovulation of donor females
  • Production of zygotes
  • Microinject at least 200 zygotes
  • Surgical transfer of all injected zygotes into the surrogates

Fee: HKD 10,000


Dr. Siva WH Tsang (email:; tel: 3469 2418)

Miss Joy HM Pan (email:; tel: 23585947)