In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Development of mouse fertilized eggs into blastocysts in vitro (Siva Tsang)

Services include:
  • Preparation of pseudopregnant surrogates
  • Superovulation of up to 4 donor females
  • Harvesting oocytes from the donor females
  • Harvesting epididymis from the male(s) and release the sperm, or
  • Thawing sperm from cryopreserved stock
  • Performing IVF
  • Washing the embryos according to the International Embryo Transfer Society Guideline to remove pathogens (if required)
  • Surgical transfer of all developed two-cell embryos into the surrogates

Fee: HKD 5,000 / session


Dr. Siva WH Tsang (email:; tel: 3469 2418)

Miss Joy HM Pan (email:; tel: 23585947)