Morula-morula aggregation

Each of the chimeric animal was derived from cells of different genetic backgrounds. The agouti coat was derived from strain 129/Sv (carrying the wild-type agouti alleles) and the black coat was derived from the non-agouti C57BL/6J (carrying the non-agouti alleles) (Siva Tsang).

Services include:
  • Preparation of pseudopregnant surrogates
  • Superovulation of donor females (if applicable)
  • Harvesting morulae from 3 mated females from each strain
  • Aggregating all pairs of morulae harvested
  • Surgical transfer of all aggregated and developed blastocyst into the surrogates

Fee: HKD 3,000 / session


Dr. Siva WH Tsang (email:; tel: 3469 2418)

Miss Joy HM Pan (email:; tel: 23585947)