Staff Profiles


Dr. Leo Chi Kuang WANG (PhD)



Mr. William KW Chau (BSc), Manager (Animal Facilities) 

Mr William Kin Wing Chau is a pioneer in laboratory animal management in Hong Kong having gained extensive laboratory animal experience while working at the Laboratory Animal Unit (SPF) of HKU under the management of Dr. GJ Moore in the 1980s and 1990s.  He joined the Dept. of Biology, HKUST before the vivarium was established and worked as a committed animal technician engaged in the research and development of rat brain cell recording models in the early days of development of this technology.  In 1995 he was promoted to senior technician in the vivarium that was the forerunner of today’s Animal and Plant Care Facility. From his earliest days as a senior technician, William has been committed to the care of laboratory animal and focused on their welfare. Now as a Scientific Officer his priority is quality animal care and use that satisfies international best practice. In order to achieve this goal, William is eager to advance APCF’s rapid modernization and continues to be an essential member of the APCF management team as it moves towards AAALAC accreditation.

Dr. Siva WH Tsang (PhD), Manager (Animal Facilities) 

Gaining his BSc in Biology from HKUST, MPhil in Microbiology and PhD in Developmental Biology from HKU, Dr. Tsang brings to APCF expertise in mouse genetics, genetic engineering, and mouse embryology. With further training and experience on facility planning, resources management and colony management from well recognised organisations, i.e. Fondazione Guido Bernardini and The Jackson Laboratory, Dr. Tsang is well-equipped to take his responsibilities on managing HKUST’s biosecure mouse vivarium, transgenic facility, health monitoring and disease surveillance programs.  He is aiming for advancement in animal care and use programs via improving operation efficiency, providing clients with consultations on the proper care and maintenance of transgenic mouse strains, ensuring animal wellbeing and maintaining compliance.

Technical Staff

Ms. Amiusing MC Fung (BSC)

Amiusing obtained her BSc in Human Biosciences from The Coventry University in May 2019. Before joining APCF, she finished internships in a vet clinic and APCF. During her undergraduate study, she conducted a project on developing a molecular marker a genetic diseases in domestic cats using a non-invasive sample collection method on pregnant animals. That project won a competition and had interviews with multiple media in HK. Amiusing’s career direction is to become a vet.

Dr. Claudette C Garingan (DVM)

Claudette obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of the Philippines in 2010. She also obtained her veterinary license in the same year and immediately started working as a small animal practitioner in her country. After a year, she went overseas to expand her knowledge and worked for animal facilities in Singapore and Thailand before moving to Hong Kong in 2017. She joined APCF in July 2018, and is currently responsible for the facility’s 7J rabbit and mice colony husbandry and necropsy. Her interests include veterinary surgery and pathology. She also loves traveling and learning about different cultures. She spends her spare time going to different places to volunteer and offer professional help to government and non-government organizations’ programs on animal population control, rabies vaccination, and any other animal health and welfare related concerns across Asia. If you have any queries about surgery or just want to learn the best practices about animal handling, Claudette is the person you can count on.

Ms. Crystal KY Chu (MSc)

Crystal obtained her BSc in Biology and Chemistry from Hong Kong Open University. In addition, she obtained a MSc in Biotechnology from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Before joining APCF, Crystal had extensive experience in private industry working as a technician in microbial testing, initially at SGS Hong Kong Ltd and later at the Garden Company Ltd. Her venture into the hushed corridors of academic life started when she joined the Department of Science, HK Open University as a technician. In April 2009 Crystal joined APCF where she has contributed to the professionalism of the Facility by not only bringing with her, her past experience as a laboratory technician but also a practical knowledge of animal care and welfare which she gained by graduating with a High Diploma in Animal Science in Biotechnology from The Hong Kong Institute of Education.

Dr. Peter M Eguia (DVM, RLATG)

Peter obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of the Philippines in 2012. He’s already worked for several industries after graduation, including animal nutrition and greyhound racing. He has prior experiences in various animal facilities in the Philippines, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Macau SAR. He is a Philippine-registered veterinarian and is currently working on his American registration. He is also an American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS)-registered Laboratory Animal Technologist (RLATG). His main interests include laboratory animal medicine, veterinary pathology, and veterinary public health. He joined APCF in June 2016 and is currently responsible for the facility’s 7H mice colony husbandry and postmortem cases. He contributes to the facility his veterinary knowledge and experiences, professionalism, and his eternally enthusiastic and approachable personality. In his little spare time he likes to explore places that are off-the-beaten-path, try local eats, or simply binge-watch horror movies or Saturday Night Live past episodes. So for any of your laboratory animal concerns, just approach Peter and he’d be delighted to extend a professional helping hand.

Mr. Samuel WL Lai (BSc)

Samuel obtained his BSc in Biology from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Before joining APCF, he had wide experience in private industry working as a technician in several of Hong Kong’s top commercial laboratories. His main tasks were the conducting of microbiological testing. In 2001, Samuel joined APCF, initially as a junior technician, but it soon became apparent that Samuel was destined for a more senior role within APCF. He committed himself to lifelong learning and engaged in any course related to his duties. He was well equipped for his promotion to Technician in 2006. Samuel is accomplished in rabbit surgery and resource and logistical management of APCF. Furthermore he can step into the duties of other technicians when required (as for example in providing holiday relief) as he has familiarity with mice and rat breeding programmes. Samuel enjoys working with his colleagues and has a great relationship with his workmates and APCF users

Ms. Sharon WY Lo (BSc)

Sharon worked in the private sector, and quickly went from junior staff to deputy lab manager. Her experience during these early years was extensive. Sharon gained wide-ranging skills in the microbiological and molecular biology sciences as well as management and auditing methods. As deputy laboratory manager Sharon was in constant communication with clients and suppliers. She was also a key player in her last employer’s HOKLAS accreditation and became a member of the management team negotiating the company’s future with consultants and suppliers about the creation and establishment of a new laboratory.  But Sharon was keen to dawn a new era for her career and started working at the HKU Laboratory Animal Unit (LAU). Here her duties took her back to traditional bench-work. Sharon was part of the LAU’s in-house health monitoring team and was engaged in parasitology, bacteriology, mycology, serology and the post-mortem examinations of laboratory animals. Sharon has experience with maintaining rat and and in-bred mice colonies. She loves being able to contribute to a users’ understanding of animal models and to ensure a better welfare outcome for the users’ transgenic animal models. Her depth and width of experience has ensured that Sharon has developed as an all-rounder and her skills are much valued within APCF.

Clerical Staff

Ms. Elaine YH Chan

Before joining APCF, Elaine had extensive experience in commercial enterprises, managing offices and ensuring efficiency of administrative procedures. She has been at APCF for 6 years (as of 2018). Elaine’s arrival at APCF gave more depth to our administrative programmes because of Elaine’s clerical experience. Elaine’s extensive knowledge of Excel allowed APCF to improve efficiency and effectiveness by ensuring accuracy of data, file sharing among APCF members and improved reporting. All critical features of a well run animal care programme which places humane use of animals above all else. Elaine is excited to face the new challenges that will arise as APCF goes forward and seeks AAALAC accreditation.

Ms. Joyce YY Chan

Joyce joined the Animal and Plant Care Facility as Clerical Officer in 1994 and has witnessed APCF undergo wholesale changes over the past 20 plus years as research into the life sciences has grown.  All the while that this growth has been happening, Joyce has kept APCF operating smoothly and efficiently using her extensive and diverse experience in office management and clerical administration. Joyce believes the changes APCF has undergone have been by and large positive and she is excited to be part of the APCF family as it embarks on its latest adventure – the expansion of the APCF into a new and modern vivarium.

Animal Carer Staff

Without the support of our animal carer staff APCF would not function. The APCF management team is very appreciative of the hard work and dedicated service from the staff who contribute daily to the smooth running of APCF.

  1. Mr. CHAN Kwok Leung
  2. Mr. CHENG Kin Ping (Dick)
  3. Mr. CHUN Lau Ka (John)
  4. Mr. FUNG Wai Ming (Marco)
  5. Mr. HO Kam Wing (Kelvin)
  6. Mr. IP Kwok Fung
  7. Ms. LAM Ming Wai
  8. Mr. LAW Hon Sang
  9. Ms. NGAN Sau Chi (Emmeline)
  10. Mr. YU Ying Keung