Guide For New Users and Compliance

Researchers are required (by HK legislation and University requirement) to meet the following compliance BEFORE starting any animal experiment.

Researchers will then complete the LAF training in order to obtain services from LAF.

Animal License Application (Department of Health, HK Government)
AEC Protocol Approval (Animal Ethic Committee, VPRDO, HKUST)
  • Required for conducting any animal experiments (even if conducting euthanasia and harvesting tissues only).
  • Principle Investigator is required to submit the protocol for VPRDO approval via Tick@Lab
  • Find the guideline from here. Please contact VPRDO for further advises on AEC Protocols via the email .
  • VPRDO will notify LAF and the users after the approval of the Protocol.
Medical Surveillance (Health, Safety & Environment Office, HKUST)
  • Complete the online Biological Safety course MC06 and assessment by HSEO.
  • Complete and submit Occupational Health Assessment and Medical Surveillance Enrollment Form to HSEO.
  • HSEO will schedule medical examination for users.
  • The Occupational Physician will issue a “Registration Record of Laboratory Animal User” immediately after the medical examination.
  • The user will send a photo or scanned copy of the Record to LAF ( for recording.