Overseas Import & Export

For animal import, procurement or exportation from/to an oversee facility, please send your request to Mr. William Chau (email: bokwchau@ust.hk, phone no. 23586851) for arrangement. Please specify the following to initiate the process.

  • name of the source/recipient facility,
  • strain name and code of the strain, if any,
  • choice of genotype, if applicable,
  • sex and number of animals required, and acceptable range of age if required
  • the animal room number in APCF where the imported animals to be housed or the exported animals being housed.

For animal relocation from another institution, please also provide the contact information of the animal owner and the communication with the agreement of the animal transfer. APCF will request an updated health report. Importation will be initiated upon the approval of the microbiological status and arrangement of transportation.

Imported animals will be quarantined for verification of microbiological status. Live sampling will be done for infectious agent screening. The animals will be released for normal handling and breeding after the health report returns with a clean result.

Users will be notified about the status of the quarantine accordingly. For details, please contact Dr. Siva Tsang (email: tsangwh@ut.hk; phone no. 34692418).