Animal Importation

For animal import, please download a Service Request Form from LAF website, fill electronically and send to  for initiating the job request. We will contact you and guide you step by step through the processes below.


Step 1. Information collection and planning 

  • User will provide information on the source of animals, strains, gender and quantity of animals intended to relocate/procure
  • ​If required, LAF provides advice on the selection of animals based on genetic characteristics
  • LAF will liaise with the exporting party and the user to make plan accordingly​
  • Responsible person: Dr. Siva Tsang (contact:
Step 2. Biosecurity check
  • Before confirming animal importation/purchase, user will obtain health reports from the exporting facility for LAF to evaluate biosecurity risk
  • LAF will directly contact the exporting facility for further information on the animal health, if required
  • If importation approved:
    • import directly to LAF without quarantine or further screening, or
    • import directly to LAF for quarantine​ and microorganism screening, or
    • rederive upon arrival
  • If importation not approved:
    • Infected animals are cleaned-up from the source at the facility after deemed fit by LAF before transportation
    • Responsible person (health check and quarantine): Dr. Dawn Ngai (contact:
Step 3. Transportation arrangement
  • Contact LAF on the transportation arrangements
  • If required, LAF can help to get one quotation from a courier
  • Follow importation compliances (guideline to apply import permits)
  • LAF will liaise with ​the courier and users until the animals arrive LAF (note: animal delivery to HKUST will be arranged to normal office hours only)
  • Responsible person: Mr. William Chau (contact:
Step 4. Animal arrival health check and quarantine
  • The condition of the animals​ will be evaluated upon arrival
  • If quarantine not required, animals will be directly moved into the SPF animal holding barrier by a designated LAF staff
  • If quarantine required, the animals will be cared for and monitored by the LAF vet team. Microbiological screening ​will be carried out during quarantine to confirm the microbiological quality of the animals before relocating to the SPF animal holding barrier
  • If rederivation required, LAF will provide assistance for rederivation on animals.
  • Responsible person (health check and quarantine): Dr. Dawn Ngai (contact:
  • Responsible person (rederivation): Dr. Siva Tsang (contact: