Mouse Colony Management Consultation

Though one is able to keep a transgenic strain from generation to generation, maintaining the genetic quality is always overlooked, potentially compromising the quality of research. In addition, some strains require specific breeding and caring strategy to minimize suffering due to genetic causes. Knowledge on the specific strain needs to be acquired before tailor-making the breeding and caring strategy.

Common areas requiring consultation include the following:

Genetic background

  • Determining the proper genetic background(s) to be maintained
  • How important is congenic strain to me?
  • Is my breeding program appropriate?
  • Would a mixed genetic background increase my result variation? Is my control animal inherited the same genetic combination for comparison?
  • Am I creating an inbreed recombinant, making my line being distinct from the “same” line being maintained in another laboratory thus creating data discrepancy?

Advanced colony management

  • Microbiological clean up of mouse strain by rederivation (by surgical embryo transfer or by cesarean section and fostering).
  • Developing¬†in vitro fertilization/embryo transfer strategy to maintain strains with reproductive defect.
  • Developing specific breeding and caring strategy to minimize animal suffering due to specific genetic defects.
  • Plan for cryopreserving a strain considering the risk and impact of losing it.
  • etc

Please contact Dr. Siva TSANG (PhD) for the consultations (