Equipment Validation

Performance of equipment is assured by 1) contracted preventive maintenance services and 2)  regular validation by outcome measurement (list as following).

Euthanasia Systems

Performance validation

Rack Washer and Bottle Washer (Coming Soon!)

Microbiological or ATP load on washed items (e.g. cages and water bottles)

Temperature logging

Animal drinking water supplying systems

Membrane filtration of water and culture for heterologous plate count, coliform count, and Pseudomonous aeruginosacount

Water hardness monitoring

Free chlorine concentration measurement

Steam sterilizers

Bioindicator and temperature logging

Vaporised hydogen peroxide decontamination chamber:

Chemical indicator

Animal Transfer Stations

CFU count on settle plates, air flow velocity test and HEPA filter leak test

Life Supporting Systems for Individually Ventilated Cage

Daily equipment inspection

Electronic Balances Validation

Validation of electronic balances being used for mice weighting. Validation includes Repeatability Test and Off-Center Loading Test.