Investigating and Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns


“Safeguarding animal welfare is the responsibility of every individual associated with the Program. The institution must develop methods for reporting and investigating animal welfare concerns, and employees should be aware of the importance of and mechanisms for reporting animal wel­fare concerns.”

LAF takes its responsibilities for the humane care and and use of animals very seriously and LAF will investi­gate all welfare concerns whether identified by directly by LAF staff and/or users or received anonymously. LAF adheres strictly to the protection of whistle-blowers who make good faith allegations of welfare misconduct – hence all complaints or concerns will accepted by LAF from a complainant whether anonymously or not. All complaints will be handled in the strictest confidence. The policy also ensures there is no discrimination against the complainant, and the complainant is protected from reprisals.

Mechanisms for reporting concerns are posted in prominent locations in the LAF and are described below:

All concerns on welfare of animals should be reported to the Director of LAF the first instance or to the Animal Ethic Committee (AEC).

Complaints can also be placed near the entrance of 7J & 7L facility or in the common area outside LIFS General Office.

The Director of LAF is committed to responding to such reports in a timely manner and findings will be communicated to the concerned complainant(s), unless such concerns are reported anonymously including corrective actions if deemed necessary. A report to the Office of VPRG of the issue, findings, and actions taken will also be made. Reported concerns and any corrective actions are to be documented and filed with both the LAF and the AEC.

LAF has regular communications with staff and users (including person­nel such as maintenance and administrative staff, who are farther removed from the animal use) about the LAF ’s animal care and use programs in order to reduce potential concerns.