Occupational Health and Safety

“Each institution must establish and maintain an occupational health and safety program (OHSP) as an essential part of the overall Program of animal care and use … An effective OHSP requires coordination between the research program (as represented by the investigator), the animal care and use Program (as represented by the AV, IO, and IACUC), the environmental health and safety program, occupational health services, and administration (e.g., human resources, finance, and facility maintenance personnel) … Operational and day-to-day responsibility for safety in the workplace resides with the laboratory or facility supervisor (e.g., principal investigator, facility director, or a staff veterinarian) and depends on safe work practices by all employees.”

APCF is committed to be a safe workplace for staff and all users and visitors to APCF. To ensure safety is a priority APCF has established a workplace safety committee chaired by the APCF’s Safety officer. The chair reports directly to the Director. The workplace safety committee conducts recommends safety procedures and protocols, provides safety training, risk analysis of all APCF operations and conducts semi-annual safety audits. These reports are provided to the Associate Director of the Occupational Hygiene/Environmental Compliance/Analytical Laboratory Services and Senior Health, Safety & Environment Specialist.

If users have any safety concerns they must report such concerns to any of the following: the Chair of the APCF Workplace Safety Committee, the Director of APCF or Senior Health, Safety & Environment Specialist.